What makes a taxi?

Taxis are regulated

The 'Grab a Cab!' campaign is an initiative of the Australian Taxi Industry Association (ATIA) to raise awareness within the community of the importance of only using regulated, licenced taxis.

The emergence of illegal ride-sharing and unauthorised taxi like services in Australia has sparked concern within the industry for the safety of passengers and the wider community. Getting into an unauthorised, unlicenced taxi means you have no guarantee that your driver is unaffected by drugs and alcohol, is certified medically fit and has passed all criminal and traffic history checks.

It means you have no guarantee that their vehicle meets important safety requirements, in terms of age, road worthiness and insurance cover.

Most importantly though, with no official taxi licence, you have no organisation or body to report any issues to should something go wrong during your journey.

Taxis are green

Taxis were the first transport fleet in Australia to adopt Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a cleaner form of energy for vehicles.

The vast majority of taxis in Victoria rely on LPG to fuel their journeys - over 1 billion kilometres a year.

LPG powered vehicles emit significantly less greenhouse gases and other pollutants than petrol-powered vehicles.

Hybrid-Electric vehicles are also increasingly popular in the taxi industry, built to be more fuel efficient with the combined use of an electric engine they are responsible for lower carbon emissions.