Oct 07, 2017

The changes to taxi and hire car licensing effected by the CPVI Act 2017 will be proclaimed on Monday 9 October. This means that as of 12.01am on 9 October all existing taxi and hire car licences will automatically be converted to the new taxi and hire car licence types, bringing an end to all existing assignment agreements by force of law. More information can be accessed via the TSC eNews here.

New licence certificates with conditions will be automatically be issued with the registered operator of all existing taxis and hire cars, beginning Tuesday 10 October. It is anticipated that all operators will have received their new certificates by the end of October.  

Operators will not be required to pay anything until the 12 month anniversary of the date of proclamation (the licence gets a new ‘birth date’ being the date of proclamation).

The public register will soon return to normal operation.