Nov 14, 2016

Airport access fee = fee determined by Melbourne Airport and charged to drivers to access the taxi holding yard

Airport rank fee = amount paid by customers when taking a taxi from a rank at Melbourne Airport regulated by the ESC

Earlier this year Melbourne Airport notified their intention to increase the Melbourne Airport access fee from $2.70 to $3.58 effective 1 November 2016.

It is the VTA’s understanding that the airport access fee falls under the regulatory responsibility of the ACCC. The VTA is not privy to how the Airport calculates the charge to drivers but our key concern was to ensure driver were not left paying the shortfall between the access fee and the rank fee payable by customers.

The substantive review of taxi fares by the Essential Services Commission did not have time to consider the impact of this change so initiated a subsequent process to consider this change. On 17 October, the ESC released a determination which allows taxis to pass on the full amount of the access fee to passengers on the meter.

From 1 November, taxi drivers will be allowed to charge customers the amount that has been published by Melbourne Airport on its website and in a widely circulated newspaper in Victoria. The airport rank fee is not required to be on the meter, but drivers are required to offer a receipt with the airport rank fee itemised on it.

The ESC used this opportunity to make various minor changes to the wording of the taxi fare determination to clarify and simplify it.

See the ESC website for more information 

 Updated fare stickers

Melbourne Airport have created updated fare stickers to reflect the change to the Melbourne Airport access fee and thus rank fee. We have requested a number be sent the VTA – please email to request some. In the meantime, stickers can be collected from building 219 security office at Melbourne Airport.

 Melbourne airport access cards

Skidata has advised that all 125mHz access cards will no longer be operational from 1 January 2017. These type of cards were last issued at Melbourne Airport approximately 3 years ago but there are still around 2,500 of these cards in circulation. Users of the cards with an orange logo will be unaffected.