Nov 13, 2016

It is with some sadness that I must inform you that this will be my last Editorial for VicTaxi as I am stepping down as CEO of the Victorian Taxi Association (VTA).  It has been an absolute pleasure working for the VTA and I very much appreciate the opportunities it has provided me with.

The past seven years have been challenging ones, but from my perspective not without reward for the hard work. I have learnt a great deal and have enjoyed the personal and professional relationships I have formed with so many who work in and around the Victorian taxi industry. I joined the VTA as novice in regards to the Victorian Taxi Service, but will leave VTA with a far greater understanding of not only the service, but of the many people who comprise it and contribute to it

One of the best parts of my job has been getting out and about in regional Victoria and meeting the wonderful people who comprise our industry outside of Melbourne. You truly provide a great and vital service that is all too often undervalued and misunderstood.

In attempt to quell industry rumours (not always easy), I will reiterate that I am leaving on good terms. I have thanked VTA President Kevin Gange, the Executive Council (past and present), VTA Council members and VTA members for the support and encouragement I have received. I simply believe it is now time for me to pursue new opportunities and challenges.

I cannot leave without acknowledging one person in particular. I would like to thank Georgia Nicholls for her outstanding advice, commitment and work ethic. I also cannot depart without noting the difficult times many face. The uncertainly you have all faced has gone on for far too long, and stifled the ability of the industry to meet the challenges we face. My departure should not be taken, under circumstances, to mean the VTA will relent in fighting for a better outcome for all industry stakeholders.

I have been immensely proud to advocate on behalf of the industry and feel privileged to have been able to put a point of view to decision makers that I firmly believe in.

Thank you again!

David Samuel
Outgoing Chief Executive Officer