What is ihail?

ihail is a new app now available for customers to hail a cab on their phone. It gives drivers access to more fares than ever before.

ihail is a new app now available for customers to hail a cab on their phone.

ihail gives drivers access to more fares than ever before. There are no additional charges, and it means more bookings and more income. The app uses location recognition technology, with an easy-to-use interface, and quick and easy credit payment.

The vision is to be the premier transport booking app in the market. ihail aims to provide drivers with the most advanced tools that make it easy for you to take bookings.

What does ihail mean for me?

ihail customers can pay in vehicle or through their registered credit card in the app.

Drivers keep all of the earnings, and there is no bidding or paying for jobs, subject to your agreement with your network, or the agreed shared bailment method.

ihail customers can offer an optional Queue Jump Fee to incentivise pickup during busy periods, such as Friday and Saturday nights, increasing driver take home pay.

Enjoy greater certainty when responding to bookings with a $7 No Job Fee being paid if you turn up and find the customer is not present, and a $4 cancellation fee being paid if a customer cancels their booking.

ihail keeps bookings within the taxi industry. We are industry owned and operated.

There aren’t any hidden fees or extra phone charges.

ihail lets you call or message customers during the booking pick-up process to ensure both parties know where and when pickup is to occur.

How does ihail work?

  1. When an ihail customer requests a cab, the job request will appear on your dispatch terminal (MTData/smartMOVE etc).
  2. You simply accept the ihail job offer through the dispatch terminal then drive to the pickup location.
  3. For all ihail jobs you must always ask the customer their first and last name, before they enter your vehicle.  For all credit card bookings you must also ask the customer for their four-digit security code. Simply enter this code into your dispatch terminal and the system will verify that you have the right customer.
  4. You can now turn on the meter and drive the customer to their destination.
  5. Turn off the meter when you arrive at the destination and enter the metered fare amount into the dispatch terminal, then press finalise. For all credit card jobs, the system will respond with an approved or declined message for the customer’s in-app credit card. If the customer’s in-app credit card is declined, simply settle the fare via cash or credit card in-vehicle.

Drivers never need to print a receipt for any ihail job, as one will be emailed straight to the customer’s inbox. All ihail credit card jobs will be listed on the Cabcharge End of Shift Receipt.

How to get paid through ihail?

All ihail jobs appear on the regular End of Shift report (EoS) which is printed out via the Cabcharge payment terminal.

Access your EoS report by:

  1. Selecting ‘Menu’ through the Cabcharge terminal.
  2. Touching ‘End Shift’ on the screen.
  3. Pressing ‘Enter’ which will end the shift and print a receipt listing all of the transactions performed during the shift.

Simply give the receipt to your operator at the end of the shift and drivers will be paid for all ihail jobs in the same manner as any network fares.

What makes ihail different?

ihail is completely free for drivers - never have to bid or pay for any ihail jobs.

All bookings go through the in-vehicle dispatch system.

There are no fees or charges for the driver or operator as part of ihail.

Customers can rate drivers through ihail so it is vital to always maintain a high standard of service.

You won’t be locked into ihail and you can opt out of the ihail booking service at any time for no cost.

The more bookings taken, the more customers will use ihail, and the more fares available to drivers.

All bookings are accepted and dispatched through the dispatch terminal.

Customers can book from every participating taxi network at their location, reducing wait times, and helping to improve service standards within the taxi industry.

For the best customer experience, drivers can’t recall an ihail job once you have accepted it.

How do I sign up to ihail?

Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once registered with ihail drivers will be able to receive ihail bookings immediately.

Simply go to ihail.com.au and click ‘driver registration’.

To find out more about iHail go to ihail.com.au or email support@ihail.com.au.


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