Aug 24, 2016

Effective yesterday, the Knowledge test is no longer a requirement for taxi driver accreditation in Victoria.  This is confirmed in the fact sheet for taxi drivers here.  The TSC are sending this information to drivers, operators and networks.

All drivers of commercial passenger vehicles will still be required to hold driver accreditation.

Currently accredited drivers

The TSC's public register has already been updated to reflect these changes. All endorsements on existing driver accreditations are now redundant, except for the W endorsement for WAT drivers. 

The TSC will not be issuing new accreditation certificates or cards as part of this change, if you are a current taxi driver your log in card will work in all taxis state-wide.  Driver Accreditation Conditions issued to all drivers are being updated to remove the requirements to hold an MTMH, MK, UK or HK endorsements.  You will receive an email or letter from the TSC as soon as possible with this change.

Current drivers wishing to 'upgrade' their accreditation

If you are a taxi driver accredited to drive in the Regional and Country taxi zones, you are now authorised to drive in the Metropolitan and Urban taxi zones.

If you are a current urban, regional and country taxi driver and now want to drive in the Urban or Metro zones.  You do not need to contact the TSC to make any changes/updates to your status. You are automatically permitted to drive in the Urban or Metro zones as long as you have a current driver accreditation, current MPTP login card and current taxi driver identity card.

Even if your MPTP log in card specifies a particular zone (e.g. regional) - it will work in any other zone/vehicle with a cab charge machine, the system has been adjusted.

WAT drivers

There has been no change to driver accreditation for WAT drivers - anyone wishing to be endorsed to drive WATs will continue to need to complete the WAT Knowledge module and undertake the practical assessment.

More information about WAT accreditation is available on the TSC website here.


Responsibility for training drivers returns to the industry.  Networks will continue to offer training for new drivers and are now in the processes of reviewing their processes in response to these changes.

New applicants

Anyone seeking accreditation from today will need to complete the new accreditation form with the medical, send to the TSC who will process the police check and issues accreditation.


Again, available details about the Government's announcements including fact sheets for industry participants can be found on the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources website.

We will continue to send emails as more information becomes available.