Aug 23, 2016

The Victorian Taxi Association (VTA) is aware of the reform packaged announced today by Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister Jacinta Allan and we were grateful for the opportunity to be briefed on the content last night.

The VTA broadly supports the Government’s approach to fundamentally reforming the regulations governing the commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) industry in Victoria.

“The VTA recognises the world in which we operate has and is changing at a rapid rate and taxi businesses should have the opportunity to compete fairly for customers into the future” said VTA CEO David Samuel.

“The changes announced reflect an understanding and willingness to confront the major shifts that have occurred within the commercial passenger vehicle industry.

The VTA continues to have serious concerns for the impact on licence holders of the proposed transition scheme.

The VTA has always argued strongly for an outcome that delivers fairness to those who have invested in good faith. We could not support an outcome which degrades their contribution to the people of Victoria.

“We want to discuss the fairness fund further with Government to ensure that it does indeed deliver fairness.

“We also need to discuss further with Government the significant challenges associated with the collection of the proposed trip levy.

“The taxi industry is ready to go toe-to-toe with our competitors and we believe this framework provides the opportunity to genuinely compete for the customer and respond to evolving consumer expectations.

“Overall, we are pleased by the approach taken by the Andrews Government to embrace the progressive vision to the future of CPV regulation proposed by the Victorian taxi industry.

The VTA appreciates Minister Allan’s ongoing availability to discuss and work through issues with the industry and we are committed to continuing to work with the Government on the details of the package announced today.

Further details on the package can be found on the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources website