Jun 07, 2016

The Victorian Taxi Association applauds the Andrews Government and Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan for moving swiftly to ensure the safety of all Victorian's using commercial passenger vehicle services. 

VTA CEO David Samuel explained "the legislation that the Government is introducing will remove an obsolete section of the Transport Act (Section 159). This action is necessary as a consequence of the recent County Court decision overturning the conviction of an individual found to be illegally operating a commercial passenger vehicle. The Decision had brought into question the ability of the Taxi Services Commission to properly enforce taxi and hire car regulations, and offered comfort to those seeking to break the law."

Mr Samuel reiterated the Government's concern that, "a significant implication of this loophole is that the regulator may not have had the power to prevent drivers convicted of serious criminal offences, including sexual offences, from driving a taxi or hire car."

He explained, "like the broader community, we do not want people convicted of serious offences to be in a position whereby they are able to offer commercial passenger vehicle services."