May 01, 2016

“Social media is for kids.” A phrase that, incredibly, is still used today. Whilst social media platforms are adopted by the younger generation(s) first, those in older age brackets are no slouches when it comes to sharing their lives online. 87% of Australians 50-64 years old use Facebook. Did you know 62% of people 35 years old and above use emojis frequently?

Here are 4 Social Media platforms that can help you build your business.

Facebook: The beast of the social media world. Whilst many think the company is becoming irrelevant, those same people may have neglected to realised that they also own Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and one to watch for the future - Oculus VR. Facebook’s incredible advertising platform is one reason why brands are spending in excess of $17 billion (2015) on the over 1.59 billion monthly active users. Whilst the basic advertising principles should be maintained – engaging brand stories and creative – Facebook has allowed businesses to reach audiences and harness customer data in ways they could only dream of at the turn of the century.

Tip: Facebook is a great way of reaching audiences for up to date information. Make sure you take the time to engage with your customers online.

Instagram: Bought by Facebook for what was, in hindsight a steal, for $1 Billion, Instagram is the go to platform in the market right now. Built for sharing images and video, Instagram boasts over 400 million users around the world. With advertising becoming an increasing part of the platform, don’t be afraid to post multiple times a day, using hashtags about events and locations to let customers in on your journey.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to use filters on your photos. There are also many third party filter apps which you can find in your devices app store. Use hashtags that are relevant to your images and videos.

Snapchat: With video at the forefront of social platforms in 2016, Snapchat is taking the platform world by storm. As of October last year, Snapchat started selling advertising space with the ability to target users via age group, device, location and context. This lead to an expected advertising revenue of $100 million dollars over the next year alone. Valued at $16 billion, and having rejected buyouts from Facebook, if you want to showcase the sights and sounds of Melbourne City and Victoria, jump on Snapchat and share your story.

Tip: Add lenses to your images and video by swiping your finger across the screen once you’ve taken the shot.

Tumblr: Tumblr is HUGE – 550 million monthly users. A large part of that is the millennial population (16-34) who love Tumblr for it’s ‘free-form’ – the ability to post a multitude of content – quotes, posts, photos, links etc. Tumblr is perfect if you like to share content of all sorts – even more so if you like writing.

Tip: Experiment with a range of content, quotes, images, GIF’s and videos.

Tip: Spend time searching around the platform – there will almost be a blog that shares your interest.

Social media is not a new “thing.” Twitter turned ten years old just two weeks ago. These platforms and the way people engage with them are here to stay. These channels allow you to tell your story and if you’re comfortable with doing so, allow you to reach audiences larger than ever previously possible.

However, if you choose to adopt social media, your story is just that… yours. Develop a business voice, something that resonates not only with your company, but with your community. Additionally, and a mistake many companies still make today, respect your customers time. If they make an effort to contact you, you should return contact no more than 60 minutes later. If contact is made online, i.e. a comments section, provide or attain contact details so you can investigate privately. This ensures the customer knows you’re caring for them – a much over-looked requirement to a successful business.

 Finally, don’t use these platforms whilst driving.


Dan Wilkins
General Manager at VTWO

VTWO is a marketing consulting agency that operate heavily in the social media space. Based in Melbourne, they create strategies and content that drive business results for a range of clients large and small. You can find them at