Dec 01, 2015

As I write this article there is a great deal of external and internal discussion regarding the the YourTaxis initiative. The initiative was launched successfully but unfortunately, the YourTaxis campaign concept and delivery did not match our intention.

The Victorian Taxi Association is standing by our commitment to connect with customers and listen to their feedback in order to build a better service.

Our intention was to engage with the community and open a direct dialogue with customers about their experiences using Victorian taxi services, which we have achieved.

A key consideration and objective of the initiative was to hear from customers about their experiences so we could make genuine changes to improve the experience, safety and security for our customers.

We were already aware of many of the issues that passengers expressed through the YourTaxis channels online but the response highlighted the true extent of their concerns.  

Importantly, the VTA takes full responsibility for the campaign and will be undertaking a thorough review of our strategy. As a result, we have made the decision to part ways with the agency we had engaged to develop and implement the project.

Our focus will now be on creating an action plan to address the issues that have been raised and be clear with customers about how this information will be used to improve taxi services in Victoria.

It is imperative that everyone in the industry listens to the feedback we have received and responds by ensuring we align our service with the expectations of our customers.

As the person responsible for the initiative, of most concern to me was a tweet sent on Remembrance Day from the YourTaxis twitter handle that caused offence to organisations and individuals of the Veteran community.

We have conveyed our most sincere apologies for the tweet sent on behalf of the YourTaxis campaign both publicly and to representatives of the Veteran community. 

The Victorian taxi industry has the utmost respect for Australian servicemen and women and their families and the decision to use Remembrance Day in our campaign was inappropriate and unacceptable.

The VTA accepts that the tweet did not display the appropriate level of respect to Australian servicemen and women and their families and we wish to apologise to them and the wider community for a mistake that should never have happened.

I have asked for an immediate audit of the initiative to ensure that all passenger issues are captured and that all our future actions match our intentions.

We will be communicating with the industry over coming days, weeks and months about concrete actions we can all take to respond and improve Victorian taxi services for the future.

David Samuel
Chief Executive Officer