Nov 12, 2015

The Victorian Taxi Association is standing by our commitment to connecting with customers and listening with the intent of building a better service.

“Our intention was to engage with the community and open a direct dialogue with customers about their experiences using Victorian taxi services so we could make genuine changes to improve the experience, safety and security for our customers,” VTA CEO David Samuel explained.

"Unfortunately, the YourTaxis campaign concept and its delivery did not match our intention. We were aware of many of the issues that passengers face but the campaign concept and delivery showed us the true extent of their concerns.  We take full responsibility for the campaign and will be undertaking a full review of our strategy. As a result we have made the decision to part ways with our agency."

“Our focus is now on creating an action plan to address the issues that have been raised and be clear with customers about how this information will be used to improve taxi services in Victoria."

"I have asked for an immediate audit of the initiative to ensure that all passenger issues are captured and that all our future actions match our intentions.”