Nov 10, 2015

Yesterday, the Victorian Taxi Association launched YourTaxis (, a destination for everything taxi in Victoria. Your Taxis is all about telling the full story about taxi services in Victoria.

The outpouring of feedback on social media is being reported as a social media fail of epic proportions - not from our perspective.

Social media is designed to offer the opportunity to engage directly with the community. YourTaxis has delivered exactly this.

The response on social media exemplifies the challenges we face as an industry and goes to underscore the motivations behind the YourTaxis campaign. To date, Victorian taxi customers haven't had a direct avenue to communicate with the industry.

"This was never about selling something, this is about starting a direct conversation with everyone who uses Victorian taxis and giving them an opportunity to tell us what they think. This is what we have achieved” said VTA CEO David Samuel.

"The response online over the past 24 hours isn't anything we didn't expect. We asked for feedback and we got it. The good and the bad and everything in between” he went on.

"It also demonstrates the number of people that rely on taxi services and we want to make sure our service continues to meet customers' expectations in a period of rapid change.”

"We will respond to everything that comes our way on YourTaxis.”

This is the first day following the launch and we anticipated the negative responses would run fast. We want to use this channel to not only guide our efforts to improve services but illustrate the vital role taxis play in our community.

Media enquiries to Georgia Nicholls, 0427 552 140