Sep 30, 2015

News broke this morning that the ACT Government plans to reform commercial passenger vehicle regulations with the aim of accommodating ride sharing services legally within Canberra by October 30.

“This appears to be a kneejerk reaction from the ACT Government. It is very dangerous to be totally overhauling industry regulation to suit the business model of a single international corporation whose business model is yet to be proven,” VTA CEO David Samuel said.

“When such rapid changes are made to the structure of a long-standing industry Government must account for the thousands of small businesses who will be affected and ensure they are compensated for their losses.”

“The ACT Government are creating a very slippery slope for themselves, responding so directly to the demands of a company with such a poor track record with regulatory compliance and corporate behaviour” Mr Samuel continued.

Despite news reports today suggesting this outcome was likely to influence deliberations in Victoria, the VTA have been assured that the process underway in Victoria, which began earlier in the year with the establishment of the Taxi and Hire Car Ministerial Forum will proceed as planned.

The VTA looks forward to continuing to work with the Andrews Government to ensure a thoughtful and sustainable response to the current challenges to taxi and hire car regulation in Victoria.