Jul 23, 2015

The VTA are supporting Safe Partying Australia to promote pre-planning to help prevent disasters at underage parties.

The Managing Director of a private security firm says that most teenage parties spiral out of control as a result of poor alcohol management skills.  Alcohol related violence contributes to 90 % of party related trauma.

Safe Partying Australia Founder, Naomi Oakley, says that parents need to realise that a party for their teenager might have 80 invited guests could soon turn into a nightmare with groups of uninvited youths turning up and becoming aggressive due to alcohol or drug consumption.

Steve McGhie of Ambulance Employees Australia-Victoria, states that any planned management system that prevents our youth from alcohol abuse, injury, aggression and assault is a great idea.  Any reduction of issues at these parties is good for the Victorian public because our paramedics can then respond to emergency cases.

The Victorian Taxi Association are supporting U-Nome Security and Safe Partying Australia to spread the word about safe partying and are providing taxi travel vouchers to remind people to consider their transport options and plan ahead.

VTA CEO David Samuel explained “accredited taxi services offer a level of oversight which ensures drivers are appropriately accredited and that vehicles are safely maintained and properly insured.”

“We are concerned about reports from U-Nome Security about the difficulty of identifying illegal transport providers that have recently emerged in Melbourne and the implications for the personal safety of party-goers. We strongly encourage everyone to use accredited taxi booking apps.”

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