Jul 01, 2015

Changes to the Knowledge test earlier this year have seen a vast improvement in the success rates of applicants sitting the modules. As of 29 June 2015, 1783 drivers have attained the Knowledge, meaning they have passed all necessary modules to gain or retain their driver accreditation in the Metropolitan or Urban zones. These improvements are also thanks to the work of networks in tailoring their training to best equip applicants for success. Existing drivers are encouraged to prepare for the test by brushing up their skills with some additional training – speak to your network for information on training available.

There has been questions raised recently by drivers about how the Knowledge test modules are marked.  Each module is comprised of 55 questions each worth one mark. There are no partial marks awarded to partially correct answers. The result required to pass is 85%, therefore, an applicant must correctly answer 47 questions in order to pass (85.45%).