Apr 15, 2015

The Victorian Taxi Association (VTA) and the Victorian Hire Car Association (VHCA) are happy to announce a formal working cooperation.

The taxi and hire car industries have proudly provided complementary services to Victorian passengers for many decades, and both industries boast extensive experience of participants in the operation of both successful hire car and taxi businesses.

Following the recent reinvigoration of the Victorian Hire Car Association, including the appointment of a new President and Board and the formation of valuable sponsorship deals with Holden and Interlease, the VTA and VHCA look forward to being able to keep the spirit of collaboration alive in the face of emerging threats to both industries.

As illegal service providers threaten the very definition of taxis and hire cars, both organisations eagerly anticipate the opportunity to engage in the Transport Minister Jacinta Allan’s new Ministerial Forum set to meet for the first time on Monday 27 April.

“We look forward to the forum as an opportunity to discuss the very pressing issues facing the hire car and taxi industries with the new Minister and hope the forum will result in the formation of a clear position from the Government on the future of illegal ride sharing services” said VHCA President Tony Sheridan.

The VHCA and VTA maintain that regulation of commercial passenger vehicles is vital not only for the safety of the travelling public, but to guard against the serious degradation of service quality we have seen play out in other deregulated taxi markets.

“It comes down to safety, accessibility and equality – this is what the taxi and hire car industries provide to our customers” explained VTA CEO David Samuel.

“A new app should not legitimise a product that risks consumer safety from a company that proudly breaks local laws throughout Australia.  If the law is to be changed it should be done to accommodate the needs of the community, not the flawed business models of large multinational companies.”

Media contacts
Rod Barton - Vice President, Victorian Hire Car Association – 0412 789 435
Georgia Nicholls – Victorian Taxi Association – 0427 552 140

VTA Media Release: Taxis and Hire Cars in it for the long haul