Mar 26, 2015

The 2015 Australian Taxi Industry Association (ATIA) Conference is almost here. The three day conference will be at the Grand Hyatt from Sunday 19 April to Wednesday 23 April followed by the Social Day on Thursday 23 April: a winery tour and lunch in the Yarra Valley for Delegates and Partners.

The three day conference, held in Melbourne, will deliver a Business Program to address current issues in the industry with a Social Program running alongside to cater for partners in attendance.

Sessions have been planned to tease out the implications of reform and perspectives from around both Australia and internationally. The Speakers are of high calibre and will take a fresh approach to discussing various issues facing the taxi industry.

A Social Program for partners in attendance has been built to showcase Melbourne's finest in food, wine and shopping. A relaxed program that can be experienced in full or dipped into, it is sure to excite visitors to Melbourne and refresh the outlook of locals. Partners are encouraged to sign up for the Social Program, which is integrated with the Business Program to get the best of both schedules!

The ATIA is proud to have the support of a variety of sponsors and exhibitors. Their involvement and commitment to the industry is of great value and contribute to the continued viability of the Australian taxi industry.

There is still time to sign up - visit the ATIA website or call (03) 9676 2635.