Taxi-cab security camera specifications

Jan 20 2017

On 23 December 2016, the Taxi Services Commission made changes to Taxi-cab security camera specifications which are now in effect.

The changes to the taxi camera specification are intended to significantly reduce regulatory burden for the commercial passenger vehicle industry, while retaining public safety and consumer protections.

The camera specifications outline the minimum requirements for approval of a taxi-cab security camera system. Applicants are encouraged to develop innovative ways of meeting (or exceeding) the functional and technical requirements of the camera specifications, and to submit them to the TSC for consideration.

Taxi-cab security cameras approved under the previous 2009 specification will continue to meet the specification.

You can find the list of approved camera systems on the TSC website here

Whilst there is still only one camera system approved for use in Victorian taxis, it is hoped that this revision to the specification will result in greater choice for operators.

The VTA will monitor this space and provide advice to members and the regulator about the accessibility of suitable camera systems once the market has had time to respond to the new specification.

For companies seeking to secure approval for a camera product to be used in taxis, please see the TSC’s Taxi-cab security camera specifications and approval process document for more information. 


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