Parliamentary Inquiry into ride hail

May 31 2016

Last week the Liberals moved and passed a motion that will see a Parliamentary Inquiry investigate how ride hailing services such as Uber could be regulated in Victoria. The Inquiry will be undertaken by the Transport and Infrastructure Committee and will report back to Government before 8 December 2016.

The committee made up of a group of upper house Victorian MPs will look into the following issues:

  • barriers to entry
  • consumer protection
  • customer safety
  • competition
  • access for people with disabilities
  • remuneration and workplace rights for drivers
  • how impacts of such regulation on the taxi industry can be minimised
  • industry transition; and
  • any other issues the committee regards as relevant.

It is important to note that this will not prevent the Government from making a decision on the future regulation of commercial passenger vehicles while the Inquiry is being conducted. However, legislation that the Government attempts to pass through may be challenging until the Inquiry concludes.  



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