Taxis helping to raise awareness and reduce incidence of car dooring

May 09 2016

A pilot initiative has been developed, thanks to funding from the Transport Accident Commission to three inner city councils and Victoria Police, under the name of the ‘Road Safety Action Group Inner Melbourne’, with the view to raising awareness and reducing the incidence of serious injury or death arising from car dooring accidents.

The taxi industry was approached as a visible road user to support the implementation of programs using this grant.  Kensington Taxis has generously agreed to participate in this pilot with 20 of their taxis kitted out with the program materials and each driver has been given one-to-one training.

The Red Dot is a pilot initiative using taxis as a tool to help raise the awareness of all Melbournians in the hope of reducing the incidence of accidents involving cars and cyclists.

The aim of the pilot is to test the different elements of the program, so the outcomes can be used to improve its effectiveness when it is rolled out on a wider scale. 

Read more about the initiative on the dedicated page here.

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