VTA’s newest cufflink holder

Oct 17 2014


Jeff Kennett was elected as the 43rd Premier of Victoria in 1992 and led the State for two terms until 1999, and made a significant impact on the taxi industry in this time.

Jeff held the view that the taxi industry needed to become more professional and customer focussed.

The Kennett Government introduced Victorian Taxi Yellow as the mandated colour for taxis, required drivers to wear a uniform and significantly improved taxi driver training.

While the taxi industry didn't always see eye to eye with the Government, the VTA greatly valued and admired Jeff for his interest, initiative and forward thinking.

After leaving politics, Jeff has continued to be a passionate spokesperson for the industry.  He offers sensible commentary and practical understanding which carry great weight in the community.

The Victorian Taxi Association recognises individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the taxi industry by bestowing upon them VTA cufflinks.

To acknowledge the influence Jeff Kennett has had and continues to have on the Victorian taxi industry, the VTA were honoured that Mr Kennett accepted VTA cufflinks.

The presentation was made at the 2014 VTA Conference Gala Dinner.


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